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Natural Cancer Treatments (Ebook)



This book is a comprehensivecompilation of over 350 natural and alternative cancer treatments. It is aresult of extensive research of the methods cancer victors have used to makethemselves cancer free. Read their stories in I Beat Cancer! which is adirectory of over 2,000 people who beat their cancer using the treatmentsdescribed in this e-book.

The objectives of the book are to:


  •  Encourageyou to be open-minded and seek ALL the information about your choices oftreatments
  •  Be astarting point for your discussions with your doctor or with the qualified,licensed physicians who use these treatments in their practices, or your chosennatural therapist. Please do not delay in consulting a licensed physician foran opinion if you suspect you have cancer.
  •  Be astarting point for your own research so you can make the best-informeddecisions about your treatment plan.


The consensus of the majority ofalternative cancer therapists is that, the chance of full recovery usingalternative therapies is almost 100%. with a newly diagnosed condition of earlycancer, before any traumatic or toxic treatments have been received.


Unfortunately, by the time mostpatients consider alternative treatments, they have already undergone othertreatments.

The e-book does not advise you which treatments to choose. Itsimply provides you with information that you are unlikely to obtain from yourdoctor, or find by yourself. You can make use of the information in discussionthe experts who developed these treatments, and with the qualified, licensedphysicians, therapists and clinics who use them in their practices.




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