Inner Connection and Wellness Coaching


Susanne McAllister


Quotes It has been six month since my session with Susanne and my IBS seems to have vanished into thin air! It was incredible! As soon as the Higher Consciousness took over and did the healing I could feel, literally feel, my Digestive System being healed there and then. It was phenomenal! Quotes
G. M. Buderim - Australia
IBS gone

Quotes I've always felt like I didn?t fit in, even as a child. I felt disconnected and different from everybody else. Everything makes sense now after this session Connecting to my Higher Consciousness felt like a sacred experience. I feel so privileged to have experienced this, it felt like my prayers where finally answered. It was also a surprise my how easy it was, just like day-dreaming and having a chat, still being there but also no being there. Just beautiful. Quotes
J. D. ? Maroochydore - Australia
Easy - Fitting in

Quotes It wasn't easy for me to look at the role that I played in my illness and taking responsibility for it was even harder. It was a painful but liberating process and I have to say that I am at peace now with the situation as it is. I haven been in therapy for many years but with just one session (very long session!) I have achieved more than in my 4 years of therapy and other modalities that I have tried. Thank you ever so much. Quotes
B.K. Caloundra

Quotes I always knew that there where other life forms out there but having experienced a past life as one was just amazing and, funny enough, made a lot of sense to me. Quotes
M.A. - Brisbane
Different lIfe form

Quotes It was such a blessing to find my true calling through the session with you. I also wanted to thank you for your constant encouragement and checking up on me every now and then (being accountable was very important!). I completed my studies and have been offered a job at a healing clinic as a holistic massage therapist and Reiki Practioner. I am thrilled!? Quotes
J.A. Brisbane
Found my calling

Quotes Hi Susanne, just wanted to say a big thank you for the lovely meditation book you have written. I am responding well to your lovely meditations and the wonderful music, I am finding that I am able to go in deep quickly and am really feeling it in my third eye. My husband has been listening going to bed, he relaxes so quickly that he falls asleep in the beginning. Just wanted to let you know I think you have done a wonderful job and it is just what I needed at the moment. Love and Light Patrice Quotes
Able to meditate deep quickly

Quotes Susanne, your book is terrific! It is exactly what the worlds needs to know at this point in time! I use it every week in my development circle! You must write another one! Quotes
Felicity (Dover UK)
Just what the world needs