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12 weeks to Release the new YOU

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Real-ease YOURSELF Susanne McAllister A 12-week program to real-ease your stress and excess weight whilst gaining energy and a new happier version of yourself

This program is for you, if you had enough of feeling burned out, overwhelmed and have reached your stress limits! If you you are sick and tired and don’t want to do any more “diets” or play mental “food wars” and would you like to experience a new you that is energized and able to handle whatever life brings, then this program is for you.

You deserve to be healthy, happy and strong inside and out.

I will work with you to create a new happier, healthier, and stronger YOU. A game plan that will bring you many ‘aha moments’ that will get you back on track and I will be right beside you.

Get ready to eat well, feel energised and confident!

This 12-week program includes:

// 12 weekly sessions (60 mins each via Skype) of 1:1 coaching from me.

// email support throughout the entire 6 weeks

// Notes, handouts, a health assessment and all resources you need

What the Re(a)l-ease Yourself program will cover:

(Be assured that each session will unfolded based on your goals and personal progress)

Week ONE: What do you truly need?

// Finding out where you are at, why you are here and what is holding you back // Find out what your body type is and why armed with this knowledge you are finally set up to succeed – receive your body typing guide // Get to know yourself and your “Why’s” so that your “how to’s” will be easy and inspiring

Week Two: Being Mindful // experience how to unhook from ANY inner drama // expand your awareness about yourself and others // learn how to feel anchored and calm when your mind is like a stormy sea - receive your own mindfulness exercise to keep and use anytime – anywhere - you feel stressed or overwhelmed

Week Three: Eat for your Health and Body Type // What foods to eat for health and vitality and which foods to avoid // Why bringing your body into an alkaline state can lead to weight loss without changing anything else // receive a tailored for your needs Meal Plan and learn how to adapt the plan to your family

Week Four: Supplements – who needs them // discover which supplements you really need and why with a great health tool I will give you // individual supplements according to your bodies needs and cycle of life

Week 5: Energise your day // create an easy morning routine that sets you up for the day // why gratitude can really change your life

Week 6: Restful Nights // How to sleep yourself slim and calm your mind // Your evening routine that will have you sleep like a baby // Soothing teas and oils that your body will love at night

Week 7: The new calm you // Benefits of meditation – receive a new toy and learn about a fool proof system that will work for you // A new way to breathe that will instantly transform you and also alkalises your body

Week 8: Move your Body – your body’s way // is exercise overrated and what really happens to your body // find your joyous way to move that you will want to do over and over // set yourself up for success and finally find your joy

Week 9: Mental Housecleaning // self limiting beliefs and how they stopped you // how to overcome and embrace a mind that seems to have a life on it’s own // learn about energies and how to energize and protect yourself mentally against draining influences

Week 10: Your Tribe // why community is important – finding your tribe // how to connect to yourself and other likeminded souls // how to be strong and healthy in a crazy world

Week 11: Create your Self Care // your needs as a person in relation to your values // setting your goals and how to follow through // beat procrastination for good and take yourself seriously

Week 12: Your new Life // Putting it all together // What to do when life gets tough // Creating the new blue print of You

Doesn’t that sound like twelve weeks of blissful inner adventures and discovery?

If your soul is feeling a “YES PLEASE’ sign me up for that,

 Ready to work 1 on 1 with me?

Get the Real-ease YOURSELF Program today. Fall in love with yourself YOUR Body’s way and work 1 on 1 with me now! 

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